Sunday, January 17, 2010

WOW!!!! 28.5% and rising.

The view from my back door.Looks much prettier at night.

I woke this morning to great news from you all and to not so good stuff from my body.

Thank you so so much for all the donations and the sales.My little words just dont express how much it all means to me but please know I am grateful. I think you can understand.

I have had a day of packing orders and sorting out custom made chains and items as well as resting in between. When I woke this morning I had the worst pain in my chest and couldnt move.I had to get a courier to go to the market to pick up stock as I couldnt get out of the house. After putting on a new pain patch (with the old one still in place as it still has a life of another day or so) I feel less pain but not so well.The tummy is objecting. It was a trade off and pain relief won out.

I am so glad to be sending more of my lovely things to new homes though and hope you will all encourage others to come and shop while we have this sale. I will be finalising sales by about 28th Jan 2010 as I need a couple of days to tidy up and pack and get parcels away before hospital on the Sunday morning.

On the agenda for this week I am planning on doing something extra to help speed things along.Every day I will be discounting a new item by a further 20%.It will go in the specials area and will be advertised there.That means once you add your MAYDAY coupon 20% off you will have a 40% discount on that item.
I am also going to mark one item each day, free.That one I am not going to tell you about.You will have to take a browse and find it.If you only purchase that piece you will still have to pay shipping so it can get to you.It may be jewelry or a silver item.At $3.50 for registered Air Mail that is cheap enough.

I also wanted to remind you all that the bargain bin for the jewelry is also subject to the coupon discount and most of those items are already 50% off so they become a really good bargain with some below cost when you take a further 205 off with your MAYDAY coupon. I will be adding more items to the clearance bin in the silver section as well so keep an eye open there too.

I also want to add that all who are donating via a Pledgie donation are going in the give away draw as well so you can have a chance to win the give away prizes.Its another way I may have a chance to thank you even more to those who have given so generously.

And that has been my day.

Thank you so much for your continued Support,Love and Care. At the rate we are moving along we can reach the target and I can go and have treatment without stressing over money.

Thank you
Light and Love to all

If you missed my earlier blogs this is my current specials and offer.
What I am offering.
1. I am going to make a standing 20% discount in my Artfire store until Valentines day.

2. A 20% discount in all areas of my web site This covers jewelry and silver supplies. Code is MAYDAY and can be used as often as you purchase until Feb 14th.

3. We have a $7 earring listing. It is in the special offers area of the Jewelry section of the web site.Let me know about how long you like your earrings,the colour you would want and if you want a post earring or a hook style and we make you a custom pair of earrings using the best silver and stones we can.


How to enter the give away???????

Its really really easy.

Make a purchase in any area of my stores.There are a few of these to make it easier for you.

Each $10 of your order gives you one entry into the draw. EASY. The more you purchase the better your chances of winning but also the more likely I am to reach my target and have the funds I need to keep me alive.

Aardvark Silver is silver supplies and Jewelry
AardvarkSilver Etsy is silver supplies only.
Artfire Aardvark has Gemstones as well as silver supplies.

Please feel free to contact me if you are after wholesale lots of any items.


  1. Wow Tanya, that is Fabulous!!! :D So glad it is coming along! :D HUGS! Mx

  2. I just sent you a bit, and going to contact you about something else. Love you, hon.

  3. Tanya,
    Please know that I am praying for you, and that I will donate to you to help ease the stress of your bills. I just can't right now, but I can in Feburary. So, even if you are left owing money from the surgery, you will still get some help. Do what you have to do, Hon, we will still be there to help!

  4. I found out about your plight on JL and just had to try and help some way. I wish I could have placed a bigger order thru ArtFire...maybe come payday!
    Wishing you much love and light.

    Arien / CC

  5. Thank you all.Every cent adds up and I am so grateful for all the help and Love and Support.
    Light and Love to all

  6. Hi Tanya, I found your Art Fire site (lovely gems!) via the link in your text above, but the Art Fire link in your sidebar "Links" area took me to an error page -- might want to double check it!

    My very best to you,