Saturday, January 23, 2010

264 pledges,69.38% and seven days to go.

A BIG Thank you
I wanted to say a Big Thank you.

25.45% in about 24 hours. WOW!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

I have had a quiet day today.I sent a messenger out for the stock and I also got groceries in as well.It was so nice that the kind man I paid to help out carried all the water I bought up the 38 stairs.I made sure I will have plenty for when I get back from hospital.I also have a few other supplies as well so am kind of set up now.

Hospital is only 7 sleeps away.I am going to be glad when it is done and I can breathe again and feel my arm properly and see these strange bruise like patches heal up and go away. I do believe they will.Along with the pain.That is an exciting thing to look forward to....not hurting.

Its funny but when I was younger it was one of the things I took for granted.A bit like my eye sight and my hearing.Pain would always go away even if it was from stupid stuff like exercising too hard after not doing much for ages or from tripping over and falling down. This has taught me a whole new appreciation for the value of pain free days.I know when I get them back again I am going to work hard at staying that way.

And so on that note I am off to bed.I need to rest again.That comes around faster these days too.I hope that goes away quickly as well but will give myself a break as well so the healing can be as good as it can be. I forget to do that most times but I am not taking any more chances this time.

Light and Love to all.



  1. Much better place for my little tracker.We can all see it better now.Light and Love to all

  2. Good that you´ve been able to pace down a bit! Relax and prepare your inner self for the fixing job and then, HEALING....
    says "Mum" ;-)

  3. Tanya...
    Thinking about you every day. Thought with my wallet too. I do believe half of etsy has "Tanya listings" now!
    Wishing you great blessings.

  4. We're praying for you, Tanya! Hang in there.

  5. We're so close to the goal now!!!

    Thinking of you.