Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The photos today were taken from my balcony during a storm.The rain was not around my home and that ray of sunshine poking through the clouds came with the rainbow after the rain had stopped.Inspiring really.Showed me that there is beauty in all things that may seem terrible.

Its "go to the surgeon's " day today.
Crunch time really for timing.I will find out today what he wants to do and when and if I need to have one hospital stay or more. In the wind is an angiogram and then the "big cut". And whilst I am kind of ready in many ways you are never fully ready.

I had a similar surgery in April 1997.I was a lot younger then....oh weren't we all? I had no idea of what to expect.

I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a bus and had tubes and wires and all sorts coming out all over me.And cold feet. The major recollection of that morning was I had to ask my mum to put my socks on.I was back to being like an infant,totally reliant on another.

So now as I prepare for round 2 ,which by the way was not ever meant to happen, I know some of the pitfalls.This time I am alone and will be surrounded by strangers most of whom wont even speak my own language.I am preparing the small bits whilst I collect funds and sort dates and get the big things in line.

I am working out what sort of food to store in my home so when I get back I can at least make me a meal without having to go out.I need to get in enough water to last at least 6 weeks because I sure wont be able to carry it up to my place when I am recovering(I live on the second floor and right now those 38 stairs are a challenge everytime I have to go up) , and I will get in dry goods and canned things and foods I can freeze so I have a supply.I expect to be in hospital for at least 4 weeks for recovery so cant even stock the fridge before I go as those perishables wont last.

Then we have to look at the household stuff.Things like ,how do you keep the room clean if you can't sweep and mop,or do the washing? I dont have a washing machine and all the laundry has been done by hand for over two years now.I guess I'll have to sort a maid to come.....yes more money.It all has to be taken into account.

Business and customers....another very interesting quandry.I will have to close up shop whilst I am in hospital and I am not sure how long it will be before I can get it open again after I get home.I hope only a day or so but that is going to depend on how well I have healed. Stock shopping and going to the post office are going to be a hard one.I'll have to work on that one some more.Couriers are cheap enough and that may be the way to work it out.

Then last on this list, but by no means the least, is me.Who will be there to help me wash my hair,to put on my socks,to hold my hand while I make my way to the bathroom? To make sure that nothing goes wrong or who can call the Dr if something does? The hardest answer to that one is that no one will be there. I will be alone to do it by myself.I cant go back to Australia, I am not allowed to fly due to the associated risks and so I face this and know in my heart that the only ones who can and will be there,will be my virtual FB friends,my internet email friends and me.

I want to thank everyone who reads my blog. My random thoughts and my pleas. Every little bit of support that has been given,whether it is in the form of a purchase or just reposting and tweeting, is appreciated more than my words can describe. I am running out of time and whilst people say "oh you still have weeks until Valentines day" the reality of it is that today is already 6th Jan and in an instant that time will have passed.I live every day as if it is my last because I feel I am a walking time bomb and the timer is faulty.It may go off at any time.Kind of an eye opener really.

Thank you again for everything.

Again I post the details of my SALE and GIVE AWAY so you can pass it on or have a read for the first time.
With Light and Love to you all


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  1. Hang in there, Tanya. I'm praying for you!

  2. sending prayers and 'get well wishes'


  3. Thanks for all the positive support and help.Thank you also for posting my links on and tweeting and just for being there.
    I send you all Light and Love