Friday, January 22, 2010

141 Pledges, 43.83% and only 8 days to go.

My younger children in the Asia MTV fundraiser for the Tsunami effort in 2005.Carter was shown in this and about 3 billion people watched him as he held a candle to show how they were lighting the way for those in need.I, too, have given over the years to support a couple of Thai boys.I guess it is my turn to say Thank you now.

What a huge effort we have all made in the last few weeks.Thank you all from my heart.

ONLY 8 days to go. This is the final weekend before I go into the hospital next Sunday 31st Jan.
Can we see if we can reach the target by Friday or sooner?

I will be winding down my sales on Wednesday at midnight US time so I have time to complete and pack all orders and to get them away. All store will be in holiday mode after than until I am well enough to work again. At this point in time I have no idea how long that will be.If I am lucky I may be out of hospital within 3-4 weeks and then back on deck properly a few weeks after that.If it is anything like the last time I had an artery repair it will be about a year until I am 100% fully recovered.It is a long road but one we can travel together.

I have learnt so much in the last few weeks.I have learnt strangers have become friends and they help me more than my family.I have learnt that I have made a difference and I am making a difference.I have learnt I have skills I never realized before now.I have learnt how to receive as well as how to give and I have learnt that Love opens so many doors. What a learning curve.One we have shared.

Today I forgot to change my pain patch.Well I was only hurting a little as I had just gotten up after sleeping a good night sleep for a change and went off to work.Yes guys I am still working.I finish next Friday for my last class.(Got to do what I can as well to reach this target). Anyway,I went off to work and realized when I got there I wasnt going to be home for about 5 or more hours.Ok so maybe I can do this.
I found that by the time I left the office my body was shaking,in shock, from the pain level as it increased.I got on the train and was whimpering.It sounded like a hurt cat or dog.I couldnt help it,I was hurting so much.Some kind girl got up and let me sit.That was so wonderful.Normally they ignore others in need.I guess I was too noticeable to ignore this time.Anyway I got home finally.Getting up those 38 stairs was....well it was only through sheer will power I got there.In the door to the fridge and a new patch on and then I passed out for an hour.
I am up and about now and can move again but I have now set my alarm in my phone and written on my calendar and posted it on the fridge NOT to forget again.A painful lesson that one.

Only 8 days to go.

The sale for 20% off in the Artfire store is still on and so is the MAYDAY coupon code in the web page.You can use it as often as you need until 14th Feb.Anything bought from the web page after 29th Jan will have to wait until I return so please try and finalize your purchases before the 27th or 28th at the latest to give me time to get them to you. Dont forget that there are daily extra 20% off specials and a daily freebie to the first person who finds it.

There is a group page that was set up by some wonderful young people in Australia and on that page many of our friends have posted goods that you can buy and either 100% or less will be donated as well.Please help there too if you need beads or want to buy an amazing piece of jewelry for Valentines. Here is the link
ONLY 8 days to go.

Am I scared?
Yes a little and this is ok.I am finding I am ok really though with all the Love,Care,Prayers and Support that is incoming.It is holding me together and I am honoured and Blessed by the continued support. Thank you.

Light and Love to all


If you missed my earlier blogs this is my current specials and offer.
What I am offering.
1. I am going to make a standing 20% discount in my Artfire store until Valentines day.

2. A 20% discount in all areas of my web site This covers jewelry and silver supplies. Code is MAYDAY and can be used as often as you purchase until Feb 14th.

3. We have a $7 earring listing. It is in the special offers area of the Jewelry section of the web site.Let me know about how long you like your earrings,the colour you would want and if you want a post earring or a hook style and we make you a custom pair of earrings using the best silver and stones we can.


How to enter the give away???????

Its really really easy.

Make a purchase in any area of my stores.There are a few of these to make it easier for you.

Each $10 of your order gives you one entry into the draw. EASY. The more you purchase the better your chances of winning but also the more likely I am to reach my target and have the funds I need to keep me alive.

Aardvark Silver is silver supplies and Jewelry
AardvarkSilver Etsy is silver supplies only.
Artfire Aardvark has Gemstones as well as silver supplies.

Please feel free to contact me if you are after wholesale lots of any items.


  1. I have an auction going for you that will bring you in some more in a few days.

  2. Thank you my friend.I am so glad I can go and do this now.It is close to the target and whilst I know it will go even more I am comforted by the knowledge that I can be treated now.
    Thank you to you and everyone for the awesome help.
    Light and Love to all