Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3 Days to go and we are at 85.68%

Hi all
These last few weeks have been a lot of a rollercoaster ride and one I dont know that I would have made it through without the Light,Love Care and Support that has been sent my way.

The awesome effort at raising funds has not gone unnoticed and I want to Thank everyone who has had a hand in that.Every little bit counts and I have tried to Thank everyone in person but may not have been able.I didnt intentionally leave anyone out.I may just have run out of time or energy.

I have been working really hard as well and have gotten all the orders arranged and packed if not yet sent.I will input the tracking numbers when I have a little more time and focus.

Only 4 sleeps and 3 days to go.I am scared and excited and so looking forward to a positive outcome.I am glad my friend is able to go to the hospital with me.He will translate and help out with getting me all settled and then will let people know when it is all done and how it all went.

And so in the morning my time I will put my stores in holiday mode and then I will finalize everything and have a rest.Friday is my last class and then I am resting until Sunday.

Sunday morning I am at the hospital at 6.30am.I have my taxi booked already to take me.
And as I write this is suddenly becomes so much more real.

Ok I am off to bed.I am weary.It has been an exceptionally long day.

I'll update again soon

Light and Love to all


  1. Prayers and heavenly light going your way! Hugs, Tanya!

  2. The ONLY thank needed is for you to get well!!

    Please, take care of yourself so you can hopefully arrive at the hospital well rested and in the best fighting shape possible!

    The REAL fight is only just about to begin. Very best and warmest wishes, light, love, prayers and the most positive, healing vibes imaginable will follow you from all over the world.

    Every minute of every hour of every day, warm, loving hands will guide you gently and support you if you stumble. A soft comforting cuddle is readily available any time you need it.

    While some of us sleep, others will watch over you. With so many of us, you are NEVER alone in this.