Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hospital....Good News BUT......

The view from my hospital bed.Lovely surroundings and very peaceful in the grounds.Very conducive to healing.

Ok so I went and had surgery.Wasn't that a fun time?????
I spent 11 days in hospital and was treated very well.The nursing staff and the Drs were lovely.Mostly..... I was sent home on 27th August by a lovely Senior Consulting Specialist who's parting words were... "I know better than you do about the headache you have and so go home and wait until I want to see you again" Arrogant man.
Anyway the good news is that the shunt seems to be working in some way.The BUT.... is that it hasnt resolved the head problem and if anything my headaches are worse than before.I am taking pain meds that are not the best to be using and still dont get much relief.Takes the edges off and that is about it.
So the next step is to go back tomorrow and I am due to have the shunt revised.They will put in a valve that hopefully will control the level of drainage better than is happening currently.Then maybe I can have my head back normally and can function.It is so exciting to be so close but is still disheartening and I will do what I need to to finish this process.
So close so close.

And so the next thing is to say Thank You to all.I am going to have to have a huge sale and a giveaway.We are also going to have some auctions ongoing in the next few weeks so that I can get myself back home to Bangkok and back to my regular life.It has been kind of surreal to be here.
I will sort the details in the next short while.I know with Xmas coming, supplies will be needed for those sales.Its great that I am able to help out there if I am allowed.
Ok now off to lie down again.Got to turn the pain in my head down a lot.
Any suggestions to help that are welcome.I am happy to at least try and see.
Thanks again and talk soon

Light and Love to all

Tanya xxxxx


  1. Hope the Valve will sort things out. Let him have his Arrogance and Pet him a bit. Who Knows what he is Capable off when he feels Groomed. ;)

    We'll Talk later and sort Details on Sale, Auctions, Gifts, Surprise packs etc Hon. Mx

  2. I hope that this works it's way out for you. This has got to get better! You have gone way too long (Not including all the time BEFORE the surgeries - your life!) you need to be able to not have as much pain. I miss you so much and I hope that we can talk soon. I can't wait to hear your good news! Love you!

  3. I hope the valve will be sort out and your headaches will stop. hope you will feel better soon!

  4. Me too - hope the valve does it's trick. I don't know how you keep up your fighting spirit, but I'm glad you do. Soon you will be back home in Bangkok - hopefully with a better behaving head!.


  5. Of course it would have been better if ONE visit to this "hospital in the green" had done the job and had given you your head back... but nevertheless I am glad that their revision will include a real improvement/tuning of the shunt, and not just some stirring the bellysoup like they did back in BKK.
    (cudddles), dont be afraid!
    See you in an hour!

  6. I'm excited to see what comes next especially if it means pain free,Will keep this updated as I am able.
    Light and Love to all