Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Netherlands

Traditional Flat lands and cows.Windmills and beaches. Come to rainy Netherlands.We have it all here.
I came here late last week to mentally prepare for next weeks operation.I know that the whole surgical thing of having a shunt put in should be something I am used to by now after having had 4 previous operations I was a lot scared so I have come to stay with my friend here.
Miss M is such a calming healing influence and has such love and care and I am being looked after like I could never have dreamed.Thank you Miss M.
It has been lovely to see rain like there is here.It is so very different to Bangkok and apart from being cold I think I like this cold summer a lot.The great company has helped.
The cows are awesome to watch.We took the lovely Miss Crimson (beautiful dog who is part Shepard, part something else ) out for a walk and I was like a little girl marvelling over cows and sheep.I guess the fresh air and scenery change has kind of addled my brain but then it was confused before anyway.All good.
So I didnt actually sit on the beach but I did get to see the North Sea and to smell the salty air.Reminded me of childhood as I grew up near some beautiful beaches in Sydney.
I go back to Germany late Sunday to face the next step in my journey.I am not sure I am really looking forward to it because the Drs can give no guarantees of success but I am going to do this because there are few choices right now.If it doesnt have a successful outcome I am back to Bangkok to prepare to come back to Europe next year and try again.
Please also note....for those of you who are after supplies.... I do have some with me and I am able to ship out easily from here.Apparently it is even faster for delivery than from Bangkok so please email me if you need a whole sale lot so I can send you a price.I really dont wnat to take anything home if I can avoid it.

Thank you all for your continued support.I will keep you posted as I am able.
Light and Love to all
Tanya xxxxxx


  1. Oh, Tanya! the Nederlands is certainly a nice place to gain quiet perspectives; i lived there in the 80's. again, you are still in my daily prayers. please keep me informed. God Bless! ((hugs))

  2. You are More than Welcome my Sweet BabyGirl! I'm Happy that you are here and I Love you to the Moon and Back again! ='D)

  3. I'm so glad that things are going well. I miss you like mad. I hate not being able to talk to you over the phone :( I'm incredibly happy that you are with Marjorie (BTW M - I have to email you - just have to get back into it all!)

    Please take a few minutes and message me if you see me. I'm in the fetal position! LOL

    Love you boatloads!

  4. Praying for awesome outcome. Enjoy the cows and the friendship! You deserve it! Love you

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