Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's a small celebration.......

Surgery was yesterday and I slept the best part of the day and all of the night.
I woke today with NO headache.This is a small miracle in itself and it a major reason to celebrate.And so we will.

I had a very high tech valve implanted yesterday to control the flow of fluid in the shunt.It means now that the over drainage headache I have had for the last three weeks will settle as we get a normal flow happening.I am SOOOOOO excited.

To say Thanks for all the well wishes seems like not enough.I really appreciate all the Love,Care and Support that has been sent my way and I feel it from you all.Each of you has your very own touch and that individual care has been so wonderful.I am truly Blessed and Thank you.

So how would I like to celebrate?
I am going to create a limited edition earrings set to go out to all who purchase a piece of the auction/BIN jewelry and for all who take part in the sale we are currently running as well.
For the next week (from this post today) anyone who makes a purchase of any sort will have a signature pair of earrings included in their parcel as a gift from me.A way for me to say Thank you and for you to join an exclusive group.

Thank you all for your continued support.Please dont forget that Xmas is not far off and these items will make lovely gifts for you or someone you love.

Light and Love to all

Tanya and Marjorie



  1. Ok so can you all tell I am still not with it.I forget the end times for these items (27th Sept at approx 6pm Amsterdam time) and I also had a horrid time getting fonts right.I still dont know what I did wrong.Please bear with me.
    Light and Love to all

  2. Thank you my dear for the editing,I am still learning all this and am so grateful for the help.
    Light and Love to you

  3. such joy that at last you seem to be pain free. light and love indeed

    Love you Bunches and More BabyGirl! ♡♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥♡ Mx

  5. :) happy dance for you! This deserves to be celebrated!!
    <3 you!