Friday, September 10, 2010

Update Friday, September 10th

I have talked to Tanya (Aardvark Silver) this morning. She is very Tired and in much Pain but she is Positive and Trusts her doctors. She Managed to Restore some Trust between the doctor and her and had a Good talk with him.

She will not be going into Surgery today because they decided they needed a Special Pressure Valve for her Shunt, but that had to be Ordered. They expect the Valve to be there on Monday or Tuesday, so Surgery will probably be Wednesday.

To Help her Cope with the Awful Headache, they are sending her to the Pain Clinic in Hope she gets some Relieve. The doctor wants to Hold off on a Puncture, to not to Interrupt the Valve's workings when installed next week.
After Puncture Fluids take up to 7-10 days to return to 'Normal'. He says over and under Pressure symptoms are alike and if Head is Bearable: please Hold on.

Meanwhile, Staff is Wonderful to her and she actually Enjoys the Silence and Peace of being Alone (well as Alone as you get in a Hospital lol). Please send her some Love, Hugs, Light, Prayers, Energy and all I Forgot to Mention? Thanx so Much! ♥

Also have a Look at the Aardvark Silver Jewelry Auctions Post on this Blog? Auctions run for 5 days and there's a Buy it Now price on them, for if you can't wait that Long. ;) I will be Posting new Jewelry by Tanya every Day.

Will keep you Updated on Tanya when I have News and the Auctions. Wonderful Friday to you All!
♥ =D) Mx


  1. Thank you Miss M.I really really appreciate the help and support.
    Light and Love to all

  2. Always Welcome Miss T! With Love and from the Heart! ♥ Mxoxoxox