Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here We go again.........

Today I have a very special give away for a very special reason.
I want to introduce you to some very special children that came into being while I was in Europe.
First let me show you a little of what is on offer.

Laboradite and Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) with Sterling Silver bracelet.
This set that I am putting up for give away has been about 15 months in the making.I finally was able to complete it just the day before yesterday.It has been on hold because my head basically said "no more creating". Well I have finally over ridden that command and so here is the end result.
Laboradite and Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) with Sterling Silver Earrings
Each stone is individually wrapped onto the custom made chain.The earrings are set on lever back hooks so they will stay securely where they are put in your ears.

The focal pendant features an amazing Laboradite cab that has been faceted to catch the light and has loads of flash and colour play.The upper stone is a Topaz that gently compliments the colours in the Laboradite.All set in a Sterling Silver bezel.
Laboradite and Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) with Sterling Silver Necklace
The AAA grade Briolettes of  faceted Laboradite and smooth polished Prasiolite move with you.They are securely wrapped directly onto the chain with Sterling Silver pins.
A little more detail to show you.

This set would retail of about $1500 so it a prize worth winning.

How to Enter
1. Become friends with AardvarkSilver Europe
2. Become friends with AardvarkGems Europe
3. Post a link to any of the following stores:
Aardvark Silver
Artfire Aardvark
Artfire Aardvark Gems Europe
Fusion Muse
And then send me an email at to say you did.

If you are already friends with the pages mentioned then you can LIKE the Aardvark Silver fan page and still send out links to the stores.Already LIKE all the pages and want to get more entries? Post links and let me know by email or make a purchase from the stores.

Bonus entries will be awarded for every $10 you spend in the Artfire Aardvark store, in the Artfire Aardvark Gems Europe store, in the Aardvark Silver web page or at the Fusion Muse web page.
For news letter subscribers in the web pages we have sent out our first news letter with some really great Pre Xmas specials to get you on track for your Xmas production. Look for our next letter as there will be more great discounts and as silver has increased in price so much in the last months you will get even better prices than usual.Some items are below cost so hurry in as it will be first in first served.
If you have not signed up then it may be a great time to do so as I will have to increase silver prices to meet the increased market price very soon.In fact I have begun to adjust pricing in my files but wont upload it to the various different selling sites I have until the end of October so that you can all benefit from the lower prices.Newsletter subscribers will get additional discounts and coupon codes to use that wont be available to the general public.

Aardvark Gems Europe is a joint venture with Marjorie Ixes A most amazing lady who has such lovely gems and jewelery.All items from her Artfire store Aardvark Gems Europe will be shipped from The Netherlands.

And so now you have a little more idea why this is so special.
We are celebrating and want you to share.

Looking forward to sending this out to a new home.This Give away runs until Dec 15th 2010 and will be sent gift boxed ready to gift to yourself or someone you love.

Come and join in the fun.
Light and Love to all

Tanya and Marjorie.


  1. wow this is more than stunning totally love it what an amazing giveaway. I will add this to my FB page and have liked both Aardvarks :)
    all the best

  2. Hi!! This is without a doubt the best giveaway I have ever seen! What beautiful works of Art these are! Gorgeous and my style!
    I have friended both & we are friends on FB & Twitter. I will post a link to my FB right now & mail you!
    Thanks so much
    Londi- londicreations

  3. Gorgeous Set Sweetie! =D) Excited about All! =D) Love you Bunches! =) Mx

  4. Absolutely beautiful work - you are to be commended!!!

  5. Gorgeous set Tanya!! You spoil us all with your generous give-aways!!

  6. Blimey - I should start a blog stat!. That is a magnificent set!

  7. This is a wonderful set, fit for a queen ! You've outdone yourself, Tanya!

  8. Fabulous set, Tan!
    Labradorite is one of my favourite stones to work with too.

  9. Thank you to all.Each time you set up links you go in the draw again.If you are after supplies hurry in as prices have to rise on Nov 1.Light and Love to all

  10. Thank you to all.Each time you set up links you go in the draw again.If you are after supplies hurry in as prices have to rise on Nov 1.Light and Love to all

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