Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HandKase Mit Music

The first give away game we were playing was to correctly identify this dish.LOL It is Handkase mit Musik.This dish is traditionally eaten in the Palantine area of Germany and it is really a delicacy that requires some getting used to.Let me explain..... it is cheese that smells like socks that have been worn in wet gym shoes and then stored in a locker for another three months.Add to that raw onions, caraway seeds and brown vinegar and hey presto you have a dish that will produce music from your body about 12 hours later LOL. It is eaten with Rye bread usually and if you have a partner make sure they can stand the smell because the cheese smell lingers for days.Check out the Wikipedia link if you want to know more  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handk%C3%A4se

Well I have been through all the emails and the only people who know what it is are not playing.So how do I give the lovely Pearls set away?
Randomly chosen was Miss PaulaNC.......Can you please email me with a shipping address so I can get this away to you? Congratulations Miss Paula.

So I have a new give away.

Fine Silver Torque which is a solid piece of silver.It has a slight hammered texture and can be worn naked just as it is.

I will include the lovely wrapped Blue Howlite Pendant in this photo so you have something to hang on the swirl if you want to dress it up.

How to Enter??????
Same way as before.
  1. Post a link to any of our web pages or to the blog.These are listed at the end of this post.
  2. Email me with the link to aardvarksilver@yahoo.com so I know you have entered.
  3. If you havent already Friended the Aardvark Silver children details are below and these are also ways you can enter.

Aardvark Gems Europe is a joint venture with Marjorie Ixes A most amazing lady who has such lovely gems and jewelery.All items from her Artfire store Aardvark Gems Europe will be shipped from The Netherlands.

Bonus entries will be awarded for every $10 you spend in the Artfire Aardvark store, in the Artfire Aardvark Gems Europe store, in the Aardvark Silver web page or at the Fusion Muse web page.
For news letter subscribers in the web pages we have sent out our first news letter with some really great Pre Xmas specials to get you on track for your Xmas production. Look for our next letter as there will be more great discounts and as silver has increased in price so much in the last months you will get even better prices than usual.Some items are below cost so hurry in as it will be first in first served.This will go out in the next few days and has new specials just for subscribers.

This give away will run until Monday 8th Nov 2010.As that is a pretty special day for me there will be an extra special bonus for the winner.

Thank you for playing.I also know I have one other give away due to finish today too and I will find the winner and announce that later today.

We are looking forward to hearing from many of you.
Light and Love to all

Tanya and  Marjorie

Aardvark Silver fan page
Aardvark Gems Europe
Artfire Aardvark
Artfire Aardvark Gems Europe
Aardvark Silver web page
Fusion Muse web page.

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  1. Congrats to PaulaNC! =D)Warm greetz from the Netherlands! Mx