Friday, October 22, 2010

Lets get this Party Started!!!!!!

If you have been reading my previous posts you would be aware that I have recently come back from 3 1/2 months in Europe where I spent time in Germany to have my head condition treated.Intracranial Hypertension is not a trendy disorder.It doesnt get publicity like other diseases and many times the people who suffer from it are just medicated with antidepressants and told to live with the headache as it is all just in your neurotic imagination.
Well after two more lots of surgery and now having Lumboperitoneal shunt and a very fancy valve implanted I am back in Bangkok trying to pick up the pieces of my life again.

Was my trip a success???? In terms of my treatment it was not.I am having to go back for follow up as the headaches still continue and the pressure is still increased inspite of the lovely mechanisms I have implanted in my body.
Are there any answers? So far there are none and so I am setting up to spend another couple of months trying to find out what the underlying cause is so that I can clear up the symptoms.In the meantime I am working on how I can look after my friends and customers better.

The party????
Well I want to give a lot of bits away before I head off and I am wanting to get you all involved.To celebrate and to share.

I was so so lucky have had great friends to stay with in Germany and one of the things we did was explore a little and see bits of cultural stuff together.As a result I was not just a tourist but got to see real life.One of the parts that I loved the most was trying new foods that I haven't had or seen before.And so we come to the first part of this give away competition.

This little dish is a traditional dish that is eaten in the local area where I was staying. The first part of the entry is to guess what this is. Yep that is going to be fun.
The prize for your participation is in the following few pics.

Clasp on the bracelet.Two strands of dark grey pearls with Fine and Sterling silver components.

Such cute little flower earrings with pearls matching the bracelet and necklace

And the necklace. It is 19" of Dark Grey Freshwater Pearls with a Fine Silver clasp that is worn as a feature. The pearls can be worn as three strands sitting side by side or wound up in a twist depending on your mood

This set retails for $179.

So the way to enter is this
1. Make a guess at what the lovely dish is in the picture posted.
2. Post a link to this blog or to the Aardvark Silver web page.
3.Send me an email ( is the email address) with your answer and the link where you posted.

Bonus entries will be awarded for every $10 you spend in the Artfire Aardvark store or in the Aardvark Silver web page. For news letter subscribers in the web page we are about to send out our first news letter with some really great Pre Xmas specials to get you on track for your Xmas production. There will be great discounts and as silver has increased in price so much in the last months you will get even better prices than usual.If you have not signed up then it may be a great time to do so as I will have to increase silver prices to meet the increased market price very soon.In fact I have begun to adjust pricing in my files but wont upload it to the various different selling sites I have until the end of October so that you can all benefit from the lower prices.

I am going to be running a new give away often so keep an eye out.The more you enter the more likely you are to pick up the prize. This give away closes Oct 31st at Midnight Bangkok time.

I am looking forward to hearing from many of you.

Light and Love to all


  1. I know what it is LOL, but of course won't participate. Instead I am working on the translation, so you can explain it to the guessers afterwards! What a fun idea for a givaway competition! Hugs,

  2. Don't know what it is but it makes me hungry. lol
    Gorgeous set Tanya - I really should get a blog started if this is what could land on my doorstep by placing a link!. :)

  3. I don't have a clue. I have a niece that has this problem with the pressure and headaches. No fun.

  4. Navil Kosu Idli / German Turnip My guess :o)

  5. hi tanya
    i found you through Mx!
    interesting dish it some kind of rice?
    your jewelry is stunning i would love to play
    many thanks for sharing
    tammy lang

  6. Ok guys keep guessing and dont forget to email me where you put a link.Light and Love to all

  7. Ok,being half a german I should be ashamed to admit I don't know what this is.
    My guess would be either "Kartoffelsalat" (potato salad) or some sort of other potato dish, like the "Dibbelabbes" (mashed potatos baked with meat and served with apple confiture) I had in Saarbr├╝cken. O even a sort of potato pancake like "Kartoffelpuffer".
    But to be honest, I first thought it was some sort of rice dish.
    I can tell for sure there is a lot of raw onion on top and also Kumin seeds.
    :D Am I even making sense? Lol!
    Off to facebook to post the linkie.

  8. Hi...let me guess... I live in Bayern, we have such food. And it is famous :-) Let me guess... Savoury cheese with onions. Just like in german beergarden.
    xx Dian

  9. Greatings Tanya,

    Just wanted to give my compliments for the very striking necklace!! Great work!


  10. New to your blog Tanya. This necklace is lovely. Your designs are interesting especially colour combinations.

  11. These are very gorgeous creations. It looks lovely and elegant. I love the style and design, its very unique. You did a very awesome job with your wonderful creations. Keep it up always.:)