Sunday, October 24, 2010

And so we Keep on Giving Away

Todays give away......
Well I figured it was time to look in the cupboard again and see what was there.
How about a bundle of earrings today? To keep or to give as gifts.
So the earring pics below are in the bundle I am giving away today.All handmade with Sterling components and shell,gemstone or pearls.Lovely little bundle.One set doesnt match your wardrobe??? Well gift them on.Xmas is coming after all.

How to enter?
Same as the last few days.
All you need to do is post a link to this blog, The Artfire Aardvark
store or to the Aardvark Silver web page and let me know where you set the link. You can either post it here in comments or send me an email to and I will enter you into the draw.

Bonus entries will be awarded for every $10 you spend in the Artfire Aardvark store or in the Aardvark Silver web page. For news letter subscribers in the web page we are about to send out our first news letter with some really great Pre Xmas specials to get you on track for your Xmas production. There will be great discounts and as silver has increased in price so much in the last months you will get even better prices than usual.If you have not signed up then it may be a great time to do so as I will have to increase silver prices to meet the increased market price very soon.In fact I have begun to adjust pricing in my files but wont upload it to the various different selling sites I have until the end of October so that you can all benefit from the lower prices.

I also need to let you all know we are running some great BELOW cost specials in the web page Aardvark Silver.It is time to give you guys the gifts so you can share them as well so I am keeping the silver prices the same until 1st Nov even though the price of silver has increased by about 60% in the last year.A HUGE jump and it is set to increase even more.So if you need supplies then now is the best time to buy before prices incease.Email me if you are interested in a wholesale discount.

This giveaway closes Midnight Bangkok time 2 Nov 2010
And if you havent entered the giveaways from previous days there is still time.

Thanks for joining in my fun giving away bits.
I look forward to giving away more pieces.
Light and Love to all

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