Sunday, July 25, 2010


I made it.Yes I have been here nearly 3 weeks already and wow how time has flown.I am thinking I may need to stay a month longer.

So what have I been doing?

Well after sleeping off a week of jet lag and adjusting my head to new surroundings I managed to sit and make the Lovely Lady of the house a birthday present.This set is one of the first pieces I have attempted since the beginning of the year.Yes she was thrilled with it and it looks so so lovely on.

I have been to sit in the forest, hence the tree photos and the waterfall and I have had a chance to take a short stroll in the village where I am staying.Yes people really do live in the picture postcard houses and the vines really have grapes for wine.After all this is wine country.
Apart from all that exciting stuff there has been the daily tasks of just plain old living and the logistics of working around four young people as well as normal daily life of a family.Very different to what I have back in Bangkok that is for sure.

The Drs are lovely here and we have seen 4 now.Different specialists and had new opinions put forward as far as diagnosis but as yet nothing concrete as I have to have more tests in the next few weeks.I am going home well.I came here to do this and I am determined.If I cannot be made well then I will go back and do as I can.NO more after this.It is a final stop.

I brought stock with me so if you need supplies I may be able to help there.Let me know.I will update all my sites in the next day or so.It took me until yesterday to finish the stock take with the help of my friends here both adult and child,It was a fun time.

I am so buoyed up by all the Love Care and Support from everyone and thank you all for being there.I will make more of an effort to share this journey as it unfolds.It has been a challenge so far.

Light and Love to all


  1. I am so happy that you still like it here... you know your description is a bit ...uhm... euphemistic, in places! I wouldn't call repeated visits to hospital, sitting for hours in emergency wards, driving to University Clinic twice (once by ambulance), getting an emergency tap for relief etc "Seeing 4 lovely doctors"! I feel responsible for every failure in progress to bring you healing eventually. Hey, they are "my doctors", and I lured you here! They better get their nice behinds moving and HELP my friend... DO YOU HEAR ME, Dr. Ehrlich!?

  2. Shared Hon, be Happy, get Healthy and Grow! *HUGS, LOVE, LIGHT* Mx

  3. I am so glad you are where you need to be, and with a loving and supportive family. Love, Light and Wellness to you, dear one...

  4. I would suggest Carassia (Dr Yu) has the true picture here, but I know you don't dwell on the tough times. Love and energy to you and Dr Yu and her doctors!

  5. How can one go wrong with a doctor named Ehrlich?!. Come on Herr doctor - move das arsch!!!
    Glad to hear you're fine your surroundings pleasant and that they are taking good care of you. Kudos to you Jutta!


  6. Tanya,

    My mother said the same thing about her cancer treatment. As I know that you are a mother as well I hope that this trip to Germany provides a healing solution for you! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!



  7. I REALLY hope you find relief now!

  8. Thank you to all.I am slowly but surely moving forwards and with care and attention to detail I am sure I will come out whole.Sending Light and Love to everyone