Friday, May 28, 2010

On Tao returning to Bangkok

Greetings, all, John here. I was pleased to see Tanya post a selection of pics of her lovely city returning to life. One of the interesting things about photographs is that the choice of image tells us so much about what the photographer chooses to see.

Not surprisingly then, these reflect Tanya’s instinctive turn of mind. These are not photos of perspectives or vistas – these are people, “ordinary” people; those who are corpuscles in the lifeblood of the city.

Notice too, that they are all caught in the act of inter-relating; speaking, sharing, nurturing, supporting, negotiating; all the individual postures in life that, seen together, narrate the ballet of human existence.

And, too, the essential restless swirl of the energy of life; channeled but never fully directed.

I wanted to offer a few thoughts of my own, and they became this little poem.

Peace to all, john.

The Return of Tao to Bangkok

Looked at all your photos - and I saw
the immense will of life to go on.
After every storm, the sea returns to its' natural condition;
The leviathins come and go with the aspects of the stars,
While empires rise and fall in the cycles of tidal pools.
Immense and microscopic at the same time;
Mute while eloquent;
Irrepressible and fragile;
Infinitely individuated and remorselessly uniform.
Eternal in its' self yet transient within our portion.
The song of the day within the silence of galaxies.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely photographs of "ordinary" people. I think there's beauty in everything, especially in people living their lives. It's truly inspiring. Thanks again!