Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today,Today and a New Giveaway

Hi all.

Yes I know....where have you been and all?
Well I have been unwell again.Yes I hear you all.It's this head of mine and it is not a happy camper.
So I need to get it fixed before I go blind,crazy or both.

And the solution is not to be found in this lovely country I live in.I saw a new set of Drs for a second opinion and guess what? Another person wants to put a piece of plastic in my head. NOT in this country.LOL It was bad enough having one put into my abdomen and that not working.Heaven knows what might happen if they start messing in my brain.

So I am off to Germany.I want to fly out 5th July at the latest.After being told yesterday that my eyesight is at risk I know I need to do this fast. I have been advised if I have a spinal tap a couple of days before I fly I am safe to go on a plane.YAY!!!! So that is all being booked as well as all the rest of the details. You know like making sure the house is secure and who will feed the dog,cat and budgie. Oh wait, I dont have that one my list. Oh, I dont have a dog,cat or budgie.That will be why.


So what am I giving away????

A $100 gift voucher AND

The lovely Sterling and Malachite Ring that is a Unisex design and features a round Malachite cab.It is a larger size (U, 10 1/2 or 63 depending upon where you are) and so would be suitable for a man to wear but I also have a similar one and it is the same size and it fits perfectly on my middle finger. (Maybe a pressie for the Dad in your life with Fathers day not too far away)

There will also be 5 randomly drawn $20 gift voucher prizes each week until the end of the give away.

Lots of prizes to win.

How to enter??????

Make a purchase in any of my stores before July 1st. Every $10 you spend will give you one entry.

Where to buy?????

Aardvark Artfire store

Aardvark Silver website

And introducing my newest store for my jewelry Fusion Muse

The Artfire store already has 25% off all items.If you want multiples and they are not listed please email me and I may be able to add to a listing or to send you a separate invoice.

The web page is a 25% off if you use coupon code Germany. Please register as well because that allows me to set up any standing discounts on your account for future shopping.

The jewelry website has a 50% off using coupon code Germany until the end of the promo.

ALL FUNDS are going towards my flight and health care. So many many said I needed to get out of here for treatment and I agree.I just wasnt able to do this before now. Target is a minimum of $3000 to cover the flight and basic expenses.Treatment costs??? No idea.I am currently playing that by ear. I hope to take my business stuff with me so I can keep sales rolling while I am away.

Any questions or comments you dont want to post here please email me

Thank you all for your support.It is invaluable to me and I appreciate every little bit.

Light and Love to all


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  1. Folks, this is a win-win deal. You win huge discounts; Tanya wins funds for Germany trip and needed medical care. I purchases something from each site. Wellll, I purchased lots from each site!