Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bangkok May 2010

The city I live in is in turmoil and is very very unsettled. Many are injured and others have died. We have had momentary lulls of quiet and almost normality followed by times of violence and tension. The fear at times is so tangible that you could almost cut it.

There are soldiers in odd places and police all about. There are barricades and walls of tyres and bamboo poles in one of the main trading areas. The major department stores in parts of town are shut and public transport can be erratic.The buses run along strange routes to bypass all the problem areas and the trains can be closed without warning causing many to be stranded. The water ways used to get about are also shut down for an unspecified time. Last night many Thai people faced long long walks home as the train systems were closed unexpectedly and taxis were not running as usual.

The shooting and fighting is happening not far from my little room and whilst I am safe as long as I dont venture too far out of my little street it still impacts in a huge way as the sirens are audible at all hours.

I have been wondering what to do next. My savings were depleted by my last foray into the health system here and I am currently not able to go back to teaching whilst the students are directed elsewhere.

So what next?????

After much asking and much searching answers have come.

Aardvark Silver is moving to the United States. We are merging with Dylan Blue to work together as a team whilst remaining two separate identities. The logistics of delivery and parcel handling will all be handled from the US. I am staying on in many roles I have been performing but will be still in Bangkok. John Madsen from Dylan Blue will be a great asset to the team and will provide means for Aardvark Silver to continue in a normal fashion.

What does this mean for all of you? All the customers,supporters and friends of Aardvark Silver? Well it means you get your supplies a lot more quickly if you are US based and possibly within the same time frame or slightly faster if you are European based.

This transition will be taking place over the next few days and hopefully by early next week all silver parcels and shipments will be from the US. As far as Aardvark on Artfire...We are changing that a little to just cater for gems,pearls (when I get them) and beads and will change logos soon.It will still be part of the Aardvark family and as we grow we will move that to the US base as well.
A new Artfire store will be opening in the next few days and will be AardvarkSilver on Artfire. I'll keep you posted.

As we make the transition we will be sending you updates via the fan page, newsletters from the web page and blogging more to let you know what is happening.

We expect to have a few new promotions happening in the next few weeks that will be exciting for you as they are for us to share.

So what to expect?? Faster delivery times,the same great service and excellent products, lots of new items as we add to the inventory and expand. Great ideas and new product lines are in the pipeline.
Why am I doing this? To show you that I care enough to make sure you can still get the same great products, more quickly but also at the best possible prices.

I can hear you...Yes I can. Tanya why dont you leave????
Well I have no funds left and I am still not allowed to fly as my head is still having issues of its own. This new way of working will allow for business as usual,will help me to work at accumulating savings and then I can go overland to seek healthcare elsewhere.

And so I ask you for your continued support.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to email me at I will happy to answer any and all emails.

Thank you

Light and Love to all



  1. Let me hug you thoroughly....I am so sorry for you being stuck in the middle of what seems to be becoming a grownup civil war! How can we be of immediate help for you? Can't you please set up another pledgie?
    As if it wasn't bad enough that the costly shunt OPs didn't bring you any relief, they left you moneyless as well, and the warlike things hinder you from doing business as usual... that's a wreck of a situation!
    Money isn't all in life, they say, but without money you can be lost.. and not all the light and love we send you can get you out of that rat trap. Pledgie, please!

  2. Oh Tanya...I really wish you could feel better immediately and fly out from there. This is a worrisome situation. And I pray you remain safe always. If there is anything we can do to help you from here, please let us know.

  3. I've been thinking about you....