Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a Weekend

So yesterday we were off to meet up with Khun to collect new stock and Attit and I decided to wander around the Chatu Chak Markets.Now that is a whole story in itself.Some one remind me to tell you all one day.

We were strolling along one little lane as best you can stroll with 50,000 people crammed into a tiny space (maybe 5000 actually but when you have that many bodies all crammed in together it may as well be 50,000.Whew what a stink as well LOL) when a lovely elderly Thai lady decided to ram her metal trolley into my knees.Now for those of you who are lucky enough to not ever have had this experience,let me describe it to you.It is like have a very sharp knife driven into your leg and then twisted as your legs buckle.I looked up as all this was going on because my immediate reaction was to reach over and punch the person in the nose.Fairs fair,lets share the pain.And then I see her look me in the eye and all but dare me to hit her.She them moved her trolley around me (as she could have done in the first place and not hit me) and walked on without so much as a Kor Tort Ka (Sorry in Thai).

Well I had to sit and that helped a little and so we decided to continue on and meet with Khun after all.Mind you by the time we got there (and he was only 5 minutes away) my leg was screaming at me LOL.

I sat and looked at his new stuff which is as awesome as the other bits I have already and we bought a new lot.I trust we can interest someone in buying them to sell on as well.I can do a bulk wholesale lot as well at a really good price and Khun is happy to make 1000's if that is what you would need.

I have put up a couple of photos of other items here as well and the rest will go on Art Fire and the web page.

So today I can now bend my knee but can't walk really very well.I hope it is ok by tomorrow as I have to go back to work.Teaching can be done sitting down but it is hard to reach the top of the white board to write notes then.LOL

Catch you again soon.Oh and for all you who are looking to work in Asia,my friends web link is now up.He specializes in posting teachers.

Thanks again


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