Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Feature Jewelry for the rest of the Month.By Khun.

We are going to feature a new line of Jewellery each month.It will be either a new designer or a new design line created by one artist.
This month we are featuring the lovely simple work of a Thai unknown by the name of Khun. I met Khun at the markets as I was wandering past one day and was attracted to his lovely rings that he has made himself.He speaks no English and so we had fun talking and arranging times for us to meet at a later date.Attit was out of town so he couldn't sort it for me as he usually does when Thai is needed.My Thai has improved for the meeting and that is a Blessing for me.
Khun told me he has learnt all the techniques he uses by trial and error and he said in the beginning he made a lot of mistakes.Now he is quick to pick up skills as he knows what is possible with the materials he uses.
Today I have a small sample of necklaces that are knotted cotten cord with a waxed finish.He has used real gemstone beads in these simple looking designs that are suitable for both boys and girls of all ages.I will put up more bits as we go along.If you want to purchase some of these items please visit the web page Aardvark Silver in the links section,our Art Fire store or the Art Fire quick check out on this page
Thanks for stopping by.We look forward to many more visits.
Tanya and Attit


  1. beautiful knotting work, wish I could watch him work in person, maybe one day I will get there. Welcome to the blogsphere!

  2. He is a craftsman in his own sphere and you are more than welcome to come and visit anytime.Let me know.We can go shopping.Its always fun.