Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little more by Khun

The necklaces all look great and they are so versatile.For both boys and girls.
So we added a range of Bracelets to match and once again both the boys and girls can wear them so you can share.They are easy to wear as well with a slip lock that adjusts to suit your wrist size.One size fits most.And the stones used really add a bit of life to the thread.The first one is set with Black Onyx ovals,the second one with the Black thread has sparkly Brown goldstone which is actually a man made glass with copper to give that lovely sparkle and the final piece has lovely dark Smoky Quartz .We have other stones as well, I am still getting to the photos.LOL
If you would like a custom made piece we can work on that too.Contact me via this blog or at Art Fire.
Thanks for your support in anticipation

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