Sunday, August 9, 2009

This weeks Draw

Due to a few set backs in giving things away and an underwhelming response from the people who have been randomly chosen I have decided a new approach.I feel this will give all you lovely people who really like our items a chance to be in the forefront for winning this weeks gift.

I have been busy today getting it made but I ran out of daylight.I cant see well enough anymore to construct things using artificial light and so need to make things in the day time.I can still focus well enough at night to see the computer so I can still work on things from that end after dark.So it is not quite done and I dont have a photo.I wanted to do the best I possibly could for the lovely person who will get this set.It is Black Diamond beads, White diamond chips,freshwater pearls and a surprise chain made by me.I will be unveiling it when the pic is finished.It is a first for me for this style as well so I am going to keep you in suspense a while longer.

I have decided this is a step wise entry and entries will close at 6pm next Sunday night (Bangkok time) to allow for all to be able to participate.I know some of our friends who would like to take part are away at present and this time span allows for them to get back before a draw takes place.

What to do? This is the easy part.Now that you have found the blog and read the blurb I want you to email me by the FB mail and tell me the 5 best tips you use for Time Management. Easy? I thought so.

All the names of all the people who send me an email by FB mail will go in the draw and a winner will be chosen.There will be 9 runners up consolation prizes as well.

So put on your thinking caps and when I have collected all your ideas together I will compile them for you in this blog and we can share as well.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Aardvark Silver Fan club and family of friends.

Light, Love and Success to all
Tanya and Attit.

Our pictures today are new pieces I have not yet listed and so you get a sneak preview.

Friday, August 7, 2009

This week

What a busy one.It has flown past and I still have to work tomorrow as well.Its not fair that my lovely 4 day working week has now expanded out to 6 days especially as I am now more busy with Aardvark Silver.
Oh well I have to learn to use that little two letter word more know the one......No.Thats right.I have to tell myself (and them) No a few more times.That way I will get back to what I want to have for me.

On that note I want to share something I found one time on Etsy and I think is one of the most AWESOME concepts. McFlashPants
I cant own one because they wont let me bring one to Thailand but I wanted to let you guys all know about this because I feel it is pretty special.
This lovely lady, not only makes silver she makes it in an eco friendly way by recycling and using old materials that have a new life breathed into them.And the end results are spectacular in my opinion.
So now we can celebrate her work also.Thanks for listening today.
Light,Love,Success and Health to all

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What a day.It seems that just as I am getting organised and seem to have it all under control the Universe very kindly throws me a curved ball.
Some of you know I am back at school learning Thai.Now that is a fun thing.I can finally read a lot of those funny squiggles and it is getting easier with each lesson.Well classes are fun but they take up 8 hours for the time that I am at school and then about an hour each way travelling for the three times I go.That's 14 hours just for Thai school.
I also teach a little as well.Well that kind of changed into "I teach a lot". I have 4 new private students as well as my usual GED class now and have had to scramble to find 30 hours (No that is not a typo) extra in my next two weeks as this lad needs to be finished in time for a huge exam on 20th. And those hours are on top of my regular 12 hours in the week.And then we have travel time to work as well.So that is 30 hours this week alone going to work.
Etsy is looking like it is picking up and I have been working frantically with the lovely Ingrid to get the Web Page all done.It is revamped and almost open for business in its new format.Next week possibly.So that has meant long hours on stocktake,spread sheets and other set up stuff that I had to do.
My head....well it has been good.Sort of.I had a slight headache the other day but stretched it out and it is now sitting straighter LOL and I feel ok.I am not holding my breath.I am saying Thank You everyday I am able to get up feeling Ok.
And Yes I finally got time to sit and Blog LOL

And so today I want to introduce some work from the lovely Moonbeemz.
You can find her and her work at any one of these links.
I have been wearing her pendants for a few years now and they are so so lovely.If you want a custom made something she makes to order as well.Have a stone of your own to be wrapped? Not a can be done.
The pics in my blog today are her pieces.A very talented lady who is also a very accurate astrologer and paints the most awesome Mandelas and other pictures.

And so now I am going to work on my time management and see what I can do to arrange things a little better.I know I can spend more time by cutting something some where.It is now a matter of pruning to see what I can cut out and give me back some time.I get the feeling work is gonna have to go LOL.
Light Love and Success to all.