Sunday, August 9, 2009

This weeks Draw

Due to a few set backs in giving things away and an underwhelming response from the people who have been randomly chosen I have decided a new approach.I feel this will give all you lovely people who really like our items a chance to be in the forefront for winning this weeks gift.

I have been busy today getting it made but I ran out of daylight.I cant see well enough anymore to construct things using artificial light and so need to make things in the day time.I can still focus well enough at night to see the computer so I can still work on things from that end after dark.So it is not quite done and I dont have a photo.I wanted to do the best I possibly could for the lovely person who will get this set.It is Black Diamond beads, White diamond chips,freshwater pearls and a surprise chain made by me.I will be unveiling it when the pic is finished.It is a first for me for this style as well so I am going to keep you in suspense a while longer.

I have decided this is a step wise entry and entries will close at 6pm next Sunday night (Bangkok time) to allow for all to be able to participate.I know some of our friends who would like to take part are away at present and this time span allows for them to get back before a draw takes place.

What to do? This is the easy part.Now that you have found the blog and read the blurb I want you to email me by the FB mail and tell me the 5 best tips you use for Time Management. Easy? I thought so.

All the names of all the people who send me an email by FB mail will go in the draw and a winner will be chosen.There will be 9 runners up consolation prizes as well.

So put on your thinking caps and when I have collected all your ideas together I will compile them for you in this blog and we can share as well.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Aardvark Silver Fan club and family of friends.

Light, Love and Success to all
Tanya and Attit.

Our pictures today are new pieces I have not yet listed and so you get a sneak preview.


  1. I am getting in on this, FOR SURE.
    I love that necklace, the one with the different beads- the butterfly ROCKS! I love the pink set too! Thanks for the Sweeeeeet Giveaway, look for my FB e-mail

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love the Pink one so much:)

  3. OK, I am not sure how to get onto the drawing, so I will send an email to you on FB, Great idea here, Love it, Hugs, Pam

  4. Hello, really wanted to leave a comment for you because your blog is so beautiful. Time flies when you're having fun and I've really enjoyed reading your interesting posts. Your pictures are brilliant too. Thank you for sharing them and have a great weekend - best wishes....