Friday, August 7, 2009

This week

What a busy one.It has flown past and I still have to work tomorrow as well.Its not fair that my lovely 4 day working week has now expanded out to 6 days especially as I am now more busy with Aardvark Silver.
Oh well I have to learn to use that little two letter word more know the one......No.Thats right.I have to tell myself (and them) No a few more times.That way I will get back to what I want to have for me.

On that note I want to share something I found one time on Etsy and I think is one of the most AWESOME concepts. McFlashPants
I cant own one because they wont let me bring one to Thailand but I wanted to let you guys all know about this because I feel it is pretty special.
This lovely lady, not only makes silver she makes it in an eco friendly way by recycling and using old materials that have a new life breathed into them.And the end results are spectacular in my opinion.
So now we can celebrate her work also.Thanks for listening today.
Light,Love,Success and Health to all