Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thank You

It has been several months now since I wrote here.A quick update is in order.

I went back to Germany over Xmas and New Year because my head was no better.I had several tests and lots of talking with Drs and came home with Xrays, MRI films and CT scans.I was told to go home and rest.
Ok so I got back to Thailand early Feb and decided to "suck it up" as the saying goes and get on with life.Apparently all was normal now in my body as some of the "best" Drs in the world had told me so.
I went back to work as best I could and have been struggling with teaching and trying to keep up with it all as the pain did not improve.In fact it was getting worse.

So what to do next? I went to have acupuncture to see if that would help to reduce pain levels.Well it worked to reduce the pain a little for about 1/2 a day after treatment but as my Dr was only available one day a week this was kind of not suitable.He asked me to bring in my films so he could take a look at what was shown there.
Well I sat in his chair and he looked and looked again and then asked me what was clearly (for me anyway) a bombshell question. His words were " they said these were normal scans?"
As I nodded he started to point out different places that were not normal on the pictures.

From there I was referred to see a Neurospecialist at another hospital who has referred me for more MRI films and tests including another Lumbar puncture (Spinal Tap) and a set of blood work which includes Tumour markers.
I saw a second Dr for another opinion and got the same sort of referrals and so went to see a third Dr who also concurred with the other two.None of these Drs knows the others and so it was interesting that they all came up with the same ideas based on the "normal" scans I had been sent home with.

I have had some blood tests done and am awaiting results.I see a new Neurospecialist in 25th May and go from there.

As a result of being unable to keep up with everything I am closing Aardvark Silver.The web page is already closed and the Artfire stores have been downgraded to Basic and I am not listing anything new there.
I have a partner here who will look after any customers who wish to still purchase silver or other items and you can contact him via the email address He will then be in touch and let you know where you can still get products.
If you want to keep in touch by email please use the same address and I will do my best to get back to you.I spend a lot of my days sleeping and then trying to get to class so I can at least keep a roof over my head.
It has started as an interesting year and looks set to become even more so.

I want to Thank everyone.Aardvark Silver was my whole life for a long time and it is kind of sad to see it go.I will miss you all in so many many ways and I really do appreciate the Love,Care and Support that has been shown.I hope you feel I have returned it as that was my intention.

And so this is my last post.

Thank you again

Light and Love to all


  1. Tanya, my dear, i ache for you! how hard to give up your love for so many things. we will stay in touch. has anyone conferanced those MRI's, test result's, etc. w/ Dr's over in the USA? there are some excellent neuro specialists at John Hopkins, Mass General, Tufts Medical, and several hospitals who should be interested in these and might be able to use them as teaching films. if they do, then they use no names and the consultations are free or reduced. (i know, i've had it done). there MUST be something more than just sending you home. if they see something, then there is something there. much love, many hugs, and much prayer for you!

  2. Tanya that is a lovely photo, your 'you' shines through. You will beat this, I know it. You have helped so many and what goes around comes around. See you round like a rissole. Sue

  3. Tanya, i've followed your posts for quite some time, and am sorry to see your store close. Your sign off phrase, "Love and light to all" is truly what you emit, love and light. My heart is filled with only the best thoughts and prayers for you. Keep fighting!


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