Friday, May 1, 2009

The Headache from Hell

It began about a week ago as a twinge in my neck and upper back.OH NO!!!!!
I have hydrocephaly,too much water around my brain.It has been with me all my life and as I have aged it has given me more problems.
I havent had a really bad headache for about 10 months now.Before that I was having a spinal tap (lumbar puncture in Aussie language) about every 4-6 weeks.The only way to get rid of the pressure is to take the water out.Fun Stuff Hey? You get a headache,they tap you and you spend the next 5-10 days crawling around with what feels like the worst hangover on Earth and you didnt even get to enjoy getting drunk. You get relief for about 8-10 weeks and it is back.This 10 months have been heaven not having a problem and not expensive.It costs about $500+ a time to have a puncture/tap.
So when it began last week I was a lot not happy.By Sunday night I could hardly touch the skin on my head.It was on fire.
Monday morning I woke not being able to move as it had moved down my back and into my arms and legs, but went to work anyway.Do you know how hard it is to write on a whiteboard when everytime you move you want to cut your head off??? LOL.
Anyway I finished my class and went and had a massage.Now that was even worse but it helped to stop the muscle spasms at least.
Tuesday I woke up blind in my right eye.Yep cannot see at all.So I rang in sick.I went to the Dr and he looks in my eye and says Hmmm we have a problem. DUH!!!! thats why I am there. The blood vessels have dilated due to the intracranial pressure.Will I get my sight back??? Well he says Maybe!!!
So I have to go for a CT scan.Ok not a problem,expensive,about $100 but I want to see what my brain is doing.I can feel it is not happy so want to see if it is smiling or not.
We go to the hospital in the area.Yes a real hospital that is closed at 5pm in the afternoon.CLOSED!!!! What? We went to the ER.One person there who looks at me,sees no blood and says Come back at 8am we will xray you then.Heaven help me if I had been having a stoke or something serious.
So we go back at 7.30 the next morning to book the scan because I have to go and teach from 10 until 12. We waited 1 hour and 20 minutes for them to find my chart. Yes 1 hour and 20 minutes.Very efficient.Then we went to the next room to book the X-ray. We wait a further hour before I have to leave.I am still trying to make an appointment for this scan.Attit stayed,waited another hour and was told Oh no problems she can come at 1pm.
So I get back there at 1pm have my blood taken (what for? It has nothing to do with my head the tests that were ordered) and have my CT all in the space of 10 minutes.Maybe they are awake after lunch???? Who knows?
I go back to the Dr later and we sit waiting to see him listening to him talk to his patient about her being an alcoholic and how it is causing her cancer.Very professional.
We sit down,he looks at my X-ray (Yes I do have a brain and it is not smiling back at me) and says Its the same as the last one.I know this already LOL.He then tells me that as I cant take any drugs he could give me he cant help me because it is all in my head.What???? I am now being told what????
He wants me to see a Neurosurgoen for an operation based on the fact that he cant see anything has changed in my head in two years and I must need a drain.NO WAY!!!! I am not letting some Thai surgeon near my head with a knife.The fact that I now have half a brain is just starting to register.The rest of the stuff in my head is water.It really is incredible that I function at all.

Well today I can see again and Attit has been working on my head with the hot herbal massage balls that they use in the real massage places and it has helped.I am not sure what is going on but I do know I am tired of having a headache and it is time it left.Maybe I could sell it on eBay? Anyone what a really huge only partly used headache??? Going cheap.

With Light and Love to All

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